72% of Americans Aged 18-44 Support Legalization of Marijuana

May 20, 2015

MobOpinions recently completed a survey of 2010 mobile users aged 18-44 and found overwhelming support for the legalization of marijuana in the United States. The issue of legalization is at the forefront of public policy debates all over the country with Colorado and Washington legalizing it, and may other states allowing the use of medical marijuana.

When asked whether marijuana should be made legal, 72% of survey respondents said yes, 20% said no, and 8% were undecided. When pushed to choose between legal or illegal, the undecided respondents moved to the legal side with 80% supporting legalization and 20% maintaining that marijuana should be illegal.

79% of respondents “feel strongly about their opinion on the legalization of marijauna” while only 14% and 7% respectively did not feel strongly about their opinion or were unsure. In addition, 72% have talked to their friends about the issue either in person or through social media channels like Facebook.

When asked about whether doctors should be able to prescribe marijuana to patients, an overwhelming majority of 86% of respondents said yes with only 8% opposing and 6% undecided.

Much of the public policy debate today focuses on who is responsible for deciding on marijuana legalization. Is it the federal government or indivual states that should have the ultimate legislative authority. In our survey, 56% of respondents think that the individual states should decide while 31% think it should be the federal government, 10% were undecided.

Finally, when asked about personal use if marijuana was legal, only 50% would consider using it and 40% would not with 10% undecided.

The survey was fielded through Q-XT’s proprietary mobile APP for collecting responses. 32% of respondents were age 18-24, with 45% age 25-34, and 23% age 35-44. With regard to gender, 67% of resondents were female and 33% male. A full breakdown with cross-tabs, weightings, analysis and insights are available to our clients and research partners.