82% Believe an Innocent Person is Executed Wrongly

January 21, 2015

18% of Americans think “it happens a lot” while 64% say “it happens sometimes.” They are talking about people wrongly convicted of murder, sentenced to death and executed. The vast majority of Americans, 82% believe that innocent people are executed.

When asked whether they support capital punishment or life imprisonment for convicted murderers, 49% prefered capital punishment with 36% favoring life in prison without parole.

Among the 1,886 respondents only 40% believed the President should have the power to pardon a person awaiting execution with 47% opposing.

Respondents were evenly split on whether the publich has a right to view executions with 45% favoring and 45% opposing.

Finally, we wanted to know what was the favored method of execution.

Lethal Injection 59%
Firing Squad 13%
Hanging 9%
Gas Chamber 5%