Americans Love Smartphones with 70% Reporting Ownership

March 20, 2014

In a recent online survey Q-XT found that 70% of Americans reported using a smartphone.

Overall 26% are using iPhones, 34% an Android device, 8% Windows phones, 2% Blackberry devices and 30% do not use a smartphone at all.

Interestingly there seems to be a connection between education, income and race with regard to smartphone choice. The more educated a person, the more likely he or she is to choose an iPhone. 18% of those who completed high school diploma or vocational school use iPhones while 32% of college grads, and 45% of Masters and Phd grads have Apple’s popular phone. Android’s popularity remains pretty much constant at about 32% across the board based on education.

There seems to be a connection between income and cellphone choice with 39% or those earning between $100,000 – 149,000 a year choosing an iPhone. For those earning more that $150,000 a year iPhone use jumps to 57%.

Race presents an interesting angle with regard to cellphone choice. 50% of Hispanic Americans, 47% of African Americans, 43% of Asian Americans, and 30% of White Americans reported using a cellphone that runs on Android. 43% of Asian Americans, 36% of Hispanic Americans, 25% of White Americans, and only 17% of African Americans reported using an iPhone.

In general, minorities were more likely to have smartphones with only 25% of African Americans, 13% of Hispanic Americans, and 10% Asian
Americans reporting that they do NOT have a smartphone of any kind. This compares with 33% of Whites who report NOT having a smartphone of any kind.

The highest Blackberry use is among African Americans with 4%, compared to 2% overall.