Economy and Jobs are Still on People’s Minds

March 18, 2014

When asked to choose what issue is of most concern to them and their family, it always seems to be the economy and jobs at the top of the list with 40%.

Trailing very far behind is healthcare and education with 18% and 13% respectively.

Social welfare and crime / personal security both come in with 8% while very few Americans are concerned with foreign affairs / defense or municipal issues at 2% each.

Men are slightly more concerned than women with economy jobs registering 43% vs. 38%, while women (11%) show a greater concern for crime / personal security than men (5%).

Politically speaking, Conservatives are slightly more concerned than liberals about economy / jobs and healthcare, (44% vs. 39%) and (21% vs. 16%), while Liberals edge out Conservatives on education with 16% compared to 9%.