MOBOPINIONS identifies way to improve digital ad spend for US Vegan products

July 7, 2019

MOBOPINIONS polled  2,158 Americans in 515 of their existing mobile apps to find out if they thought a vegan diet is generally more, less, or equally healthy compared to a non-vegan diet.

63 percent (1,360 people) think a Vegan diet is healthier, and using the device Mobile Ad ID’s an audience can be created on Facebook or any other mobile digital platform with a 2.66% margin of error.


MOBOPINIONS has established a reputation for accessing the opinions of mobile users who do not typically answer surveys. They use a unique technology that is based around a proprietary mobile survey research platform, that reaches over 1.8 billion monthly respondents, in 190 countries, within thousands of existing apps on smartphones and tablets. The platform enables survey researchers and brands to gain the opinions of their mobile audiences accurately, quickly, and efficiently, through a cost effective manner, that uses existing app based data.

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