Millennials Believe US UK Special Relationship would be stronger under a Hillary Clinton presidency

April 25, 2016

Millennials believe US UK Special Relationship would be stronger under a Hillary Clinton presidency. 47% of those who expressed a preference choose Clinton, and put Trump as 3rd choice.

[PRESSWIRE] UPDATE Sunday, 24 April 2016 – London, UK — Millennials have lots to say regarding the upcoming Referendum on exiting the EU. In an exclusive survey of 18-34s conducted entirely on mobile devices, an overwhelming 47% of those planning to vote on the 23rd June referendum chose Clinton as being best for UK US relations, with Sanders on 25%, Trump on 16%, Cruz on 9%, and Kasich on 3%.

70% of Millennials planning on voting to REMAIN in the EU
83% of Millennials planning on voting to REMAIN would choose Clinton over Trump as being
best for the Special Relationship
Three-Quarters of 18 – 34 year olds (74%) intend to vote
57% choose economic and trade reasons as the strongest reason to stay
Only 17% of those planning to vote LEAVE choose the campaign’s “Total UK Contribution
Savings” message, as the strongest message
A stunning 69% of Millennials will be voting to remain in the European Union, with 43% saying that Britain should “definitely remain” in the EU. Only 30% intend to vote to leave the EU with 14% expressing the opinion that Britain should “definitely leave.” There was an interesting trend with significantly different levels of support based on geographic location. 74% of Scottish voters, 71% of English voters, 56% of Welsh voters and 57% of Northern Irish voters support remaining in the EU.

When asked to think about the issue regardless of their voting intention, 69% of Millennials clearly indicated that the UK will be “stronger and safer in the EU,” with 31% indicating that the UK will be “stronger and safer out of the EU.”

Mitchell Barak, a respected pollster and analyst on global political and public opinion issues and co-founder at Mobopinions said: “The results are amazing considering the campaign has just begun. Millennials very clearly want to remain a part of the European Union and they will be turning out massively on election day. When the numbers are this high in favor so early on, the positive momentum is likely to gain, and it would not be surprising if they influenced some of the older UK citizens, as well as their peers, on this issue. The referendum to stay or exit the European Union is about the future, and the people who represent the future of the UK most, the millennials, have made it clear that theirs includes being part of the EU.”

Economic issues were cited as the strongest reasons for remaining in the EU. With almost half of all UK trade being with the EU, 27% indicated that this was the best reason, 21% choose the fact that 3 million jobs are tied to the EU, 21% indicated that security, including the cooperation in fighting terror as the strongest reason for remaining, 11% chose immigration due to the filling of UK skills gaps, and 9% chose keeping the City and big business in London and the UK as the strongest reason.

The poll of 1,500 respondents was conducted exclusively through Android and IOS mobile devices, within thousands of mobile apps, on the evening of 19th April 16, through to 20th April 16, taking answers from 356 Millennials aged 18-34 living in the United Kingdom. It is a representative sample of that population and matches the national census according to age, gender and location. The survey has a margin of error of 3.49%

Mobopinons, a UK startup established in 2014 and headquartered in London, has developed a unique methodology based around their mobile survey research platform, that reaches over 600 million respondents, in 160 countries, within existing apps on smartphones and tablets. Their platform enables survey researchers and companies to gain the opinions of their mobile audiences accurately, quickly, and efficiently, through a cost effective manner, where people are located – on their devices. All data gathered is compliant with privacy guidelines.

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