Poll finds 71% of Non-Christians celebrated Christmas this year.

December 27, 2018

A poll run on December 25th and 26th by MOBOPINIONS asked 1,323 people what religion they associated with and “Do you celebrate Christmas?” The results found that 83% of Americans say the do celebrate Christmas.

Of those identifying themselves as not being Christian, 71% said they still celebrate Christmas. The table below shows the percentage of each religion that celebrated Christmas this year:

Religion Yes- Celebrate Christmas
Atheist 84.91%
Buddhist 75.41%
Christian 95.02%
Hindu 66.67%
Jewish 73.02%
Muslim 54.82%
Other 78.28%


The poll of 1,323 respondents, was conducted exclusively through Android 54% and IOS 46% mobile devices, within over 300 mobile apps. from December 25th to 27th 2018. The survey has a margin of error of 3%.


MOBOPINIONS has established a reputation of consistently calling election results, including Brexit, UK General and US Presidential correctly. They use a unique technology based around a proprietary mobile survey research platform, that reaches over 1.8 billion monthly respondents, in 190 countries, within thousands of existing apps on smartphones and tablets. The platform enables survey researchers and brands to gain the opinions of their mobile audiences accurately, quickly, and efficiently, through a cost effective manner, that uses existing app based data.

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