Poll finds that’s 59% of people’s confidence in the police is the same or better under Trump. As 2019 comes to a close, federal statistics have shown that crime has declined dramatically in the last decade. If so, does the sentiment among civilians towards the police match the data? MOBOPINIONS asked 786 people if “The […]

MOBOPINIONS asked 781 people aged 18 to 64, “Should Boris Johnson resign, following the Supreme Court ruling?” 50% said YES with 24.6% saying no and 25.35% undecided. 45-64 year olds were the most supportive of Boris with 39% saying NO he should not resign.   The responses were collected on 26th to 30th September from […]

MOBOPINIONS asked 569 people, aged 18-64, “Should Donald Trump be impeached for his conversation with the Ukranian president?”. 49% said YES President Trump should be impeached, whilst 26% said no and 26% were not sure. The responses were collected from 25th to 27th of September in 278 mobile apps, with a margin of error of […]

MOBOPINIONS asked 520 people if they would encourage their child who wanted to skip school to participate in a climate change protest to do so? Of those who expressed an opinion 67% WOULD encourage them to demonstrate. The results were simmilar across age and gender. The responses were collected from 20th to 22nd 18th September in […]

MOBOPINIONS asked 981 people over the age of 18 if they thought the UK should leave if there was No Deal? 55% said NO! The results were similar across gender and age except for 45 to 54 year olds where the numbers were reversed with 55% wanting to leave even without a deal.     […]

(Photo Credit: Flash90) MK Ahmad Tibi in the Israeli Arab city of Taybe before the April 9, 2019 election. PUBLISHED IN: New York Times 13 Sept 2019 Just over half of Arab citizens (56%) are expected to vote for the 22nd Knesset, according to a survey published Wednesday by the Conrad Adenauer Program for Jewish-Arab […]

  A 24 hr poll of people across the USA , asked, “Should the US use tear gas on migrants rushing the US border from Mexico?” Only Republicans supported the use of tear gas, but even there 48% were against it. Overall 36 percent supported the use and 64 percent where against it. The support […]

Despite The Negative Press Surrounding Corbyn’s Views, 49% of 18 to 24 Year Old’s Would Vote Labour if an Election Was Held Today, While Only 16% Would Vote For The Conservatives LONDON, ENGLAND, August 30, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — MOBOPINIONS Insight, released a poll of 1,903 people in the United Kingdom. The poll found that the […]