Banned from Twitter, President Trump lost the ability to communicate with over 88 million followers, the Facebook ban would have made this over 100 million. To discover if Americans are still interested in President Trump’s views, MOBOPINIONS conducted a quick poll on May 5th 2021 of 1,193 people across the USA, with a margin […]

Whilst allegations of postal vote irregularities and fraud continue, Ivan Greenwald, CEO of MOBOPINIONS, believes that the Trump campaign was in fact mostly affected by President Trump’s apparent disregard for COVID-19 and by him then being unable to campaign, after being positively diagnosed and hospitalized. Loss of faith in Trumps handling of the pandemic: In […]

Poll shows Trump reducing the Biden lead significantly, each week, meaning the election is likely to go wire and is too close to call. MOBOPINIONS ran two non traditional national, representative polls of 539 people, one week apart within 100’s of mobile apps to gather opinions from those typically missed by traditional online polling. The polls […]

The 2020 elections will be heavily impacted by the success or not in handling COVID-19, and campaigning may have to be very different. MOBOPINIONS asked 407 voters accross the United States “Do you think the 2020 Presidential Election should be delayed because of Corona?” Overall 51% said Yes and 49% said No Of those who […]

Poll finds that’s 59% of people’s confidence in the police is the same or better under Trump. As 2019 comes to a close, federal statistics have shown that crime has declined dramatically in the last decade. If so, does the sentiment among civilians towards the police match the data? MOBOPINIONS asked 786 people if “The […]

MOBOPINIONS asked 1,158 people between the ages of 18 and 44 if “social media companies should be held financially accountable for the Fake News published on their network?”- 67% said YES! The responses were collected from 2nd to 5th October  in 96 mobile apps, with a margin of error of 2.86%. MOBOPINIONS has established a reputation […]

MOBOPINIONS asked 569 people, aged 18-64, “Should Donald Trump be impeached for his conversation with the Ukranian president?”. 49% said YES President Trump should be impeached, whilst 26% said no and 26% were not sure. The responses were collected from 25th to 27th of September in 278 mobile apps, with a margin of error of […]

MOBOPINIONS asked 663 people if they would support a ban on E-Cigarettes, and if so, what kind? Of those who expressed an opinion, 68% of people WOULD support a ban; 58% for ALL types of E-Cigarettes, and 10% for flavored ones. There were similarities between all age groups, however a small disparity between Men and Women, […]

MOBOPINIONS asked 520 people if they would encourage their child who wanted to skip school to participate in a climate change protest to do so? Of those who expressed an opinion 67% WOULD encourage them to demonstrate. The results were simmilar across age and gender. The responses were collected from 20th to 22nd 18th September in […]

MOBOPINIONS polled  2,158 Americans in 515 of their existing mobile apps to find out if they thought a vegan diet is generally more, less, or equally healthy compared to a non-vegan diet. 63 percent (1,360 people) think a Vegan diet is healthier, and using the device Mobile Ad ID’s an audience can be created on […]