Trump Gains Make Election Too Close To Call Among Millennials

October 18, 2016
  • Trump Video has little affect as 70% have made up their minds already
  • Trump and Clinton tied at 38% in 4-way race. Clinton 53% vs. Trump 47% in Two Way
  • Still a race of “Unfavorables” with Trump at 58% and Clinton at 52%
  • GOTV- Getting Out The Vote will Decide the Election with only 40% Certain to Vote

Washington, D.C.: October 15 2016 – With less than one month until Election Day, the race is neck and neck among Millennials. A new national poll by MobOpinions and VoterLabs shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump essentially tied, though Trump has significantly higher support among men, especially in the South, while Clinton has higher support among women, especially in the Northeast.

The recently released Access Hollywood video, which caught on a hot mic Trump making lewd comments to Billy Bush, had little effect on voter support with 70% saying they had already decided on a candidate and were intend to remain loyal to their choice. With regard to the debate on the content of Trump’s remarks and what it represents, 44% think it is describing a “sexual assault” while only 35% described it as “locker room talk.”

“This race is not over, at least from a popular vote stand point. While the vote is split, Millennials have negative views of both candidates. People have made up their minds the only question is whether or not they will turn out and vote.” said Mitchell Barak of MOBOPINIONS.

“With only about 40% saying they’re “certain to vote, it all comes down to GOTV (Get Out The Vote). Online microtargeting and turnout persuasion will be what makes the difference with these screen addicted Millennials.” added Walter Kawecki of VoterLabs

The survey was conducted on iOS and Android devices in-app within 100’s of different mobile applications, leveraging MOBOPINIONS network of respondents and proprietary technology. Over 370 responses were gathered and matched to the voter file with a 67% success rate between Oct 10-11. Findings are based on a representative sample of millennials from across the United States with up to a 5% margin of error.

VoterLabs identity matching data engine and voter scoring methodology, powered by VoterLabs patented technology, matched 65% of survey respondents to the voter file and went on to identify those most likely to vote.


MOBOPINIONS mobile survey research platform reaches over 100 million monthly respondents across the United States (1 billion globally), through thousands of apps on smartphones & tablets. The proprietary platform enables survey researchers and brands to gain opinions and insight from mobile audiences using the apps data to gather location, demographics and device specific information, including the Device Ad ID, which has been used with Facebook, Google and other digital advertiser to reach users displaying similar behavioural attributes.

VoterLabs, Inc. works with political organizations, businesses and enterprise clients to better understand supporters, customers and audiences by realizing the full potential of data enrichment and analytics. Customers have included political organizations at all levels, including the 2016 presidential. Products and services include VoterLabs Text-to-Donate with Mobile ID Sync, TargetMatch self-service data enrichment, and data modeling, analysis and microtargeting