What Millennial Lessons Can Campaigns Learn From Kaepernick?

October 13, 2016
  • Clinton supporters overwhelmingly support Kaepernick’s right with 71%, while 61% of Trump supporters think it is disrespectful and should not be allowed
  • Trumps messaging is failing to sway Millennials- it may now be time for him to accept he needs to start spending big and use the sophisticated digital media and predictive targeting at his disposal.

Washington, D.C.: October 13 2016 – With both football and election season are well underway, the issue of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to stand during the singing of the national anthem has ignited intense debate among Americans. While he is doing it to protest racial discrimination and injustice, the real underlying issue has become freedom of expression versus disrespect.

Millennials overwhelmingly believe Kaepernick is “exercising his Constitutional right” by remaining seated during the national anthem with 57%, while 43% believe it is “disrespectful and should not be allowed.”

This particular debate may very much define the election as there is a strong correlation between support for a candidate and how Millennials answered this question. For supporters of Hillary Clinton 71% believe Kaepernick is exercising his Constitutional rights while only 29% felt it is disrespectful. For supporters of Donald Trump, it was just the opposite with only 39% believing he was exercising his rights and 61% who said it was disrespectful.

There is also an interesting split among Millenials along racial lines on that question. Seventy-one percent of African Americans, 67% of Asians, and 54% of both Hispanics and Whitesfelt Kaepernick is exercising his Constitutional rights. On the other side of the issue, 47% of Hispanic and White, 33% of Asian and 29% of African Millennials believe it is disrespectful and should not be allowed.

So what does this mean for the upcoming elections? Mitchell Barak of MOBOPINIONS said “Millennials are very opinionated, but somewhat lacking in basic knowledge of government. The strong support for Kaepernick’s right of freedom of expression fits nicely into their ‘live and let live’ philosophy that we continually find in their attitudes towards others freedoms of expression and lifestyle.”

Walter Kawecki of Voter Labs commented “To connect with Millennial voters, campaigns will need to tailor messaging content that resonates and deliver it where it can be seen most– on mobile – where Millennials identified their most used apps as; Facebook 31%, SMS 24%, Email 10%, Snapchat 8%, Instagram 7%, and Twitter 4%.

The survey was conducted on iOS and Android devices in-app within 100’s of different mobile applications, leveraging MOBOPINIONS network of respondents and proprietary technology. Over 6,000 responses have been gathered during the tracking surveys which began just before the conventions. Findings are based on a representative sample of millennials from across the United States with up to a 5% margin of error.

VoterLabs identity matching data engine and voter scoring methodology, powered by VoterLabs patented technology, matched 65% of survey respondents to the voter file and went on to identify those most likely to vote.

MOBOPINIONS mobile survey research platform reaches over 100 million monthly respondents across the United States (1 billion globally), through thousands of apps on smartphones & tablets. The proprietary platform enables survey researchers and brands to gain opinions and insight from mobile audiences using the apps data to gather location, demographics and device specific information, including the Device Ad ID, which has been used with Facebook, Google and other digital advertiser to reach users displaying similar behavioural attributes.

VoterLabs, Inc. works with political organizations, businesses and enterprise clients to better understand supporters, customers and audiences by realizing the full potential of data enrichment and analytics. Customers have included political organizations at all levels, including the 2016 presidential. Products and services include VoterLabs Text-to-Donate with Mobile ID Sync, TargetMatch self-service data enrichment, and data modeling, analysis and microtargeting.