MOBOPINIONS was founded in 2014 by:

Ivan Greenwald



Ivan has been involved in digital advertising and research for 8 years and has experience of behavioral profiling dating back over 15 years when he championed the use of software based psychometric testing as part of the recruitment process in the United Kingdom. He then went on to develop these test into a successful web application, and most recently he spent 12 months as CEO of a US Big Data analytics company, before leaving to set up MOBOPINIONS in 2014.

He is an experienced CEO and has a background in working with Private Equity backed businesses from investment through to exits.

Mitchell Barak

President, Public Opinion & Research


Mitchell is known as  “one of Israel’s savviest pollsters” he has conducted hundreds of survey research projects in a variety of countries and languages.


His surveys and opinions have been widely quoted in many of the leading media outlets including, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, FOX News, and Al Jazeera. He also worked with Israeli President Shimon Peres, Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Yitzhak Shamir.

Eyal Menaker



Eyal is a highly knowledgeable Mobile and Web professional with over 10 years’ experience. Based in Tel Aviv he oversees a team responsible for all core mobile, web algorithm SDK and API development, including cloud networking and database management.