Most Americans Are Eating Healthy!

July 7, 2014

63% of Americans defined their diet as “healthy” in a recent survey of 1,382 mobile users, conducted by Q-XT. 19% defined their diet as “very healthy” while 44% as “somewhat healthy.” 17% of Americans described their diet as “not too healthy” and 10% as “not healthy at all.”

57% pay attention when it comes to reading “nutritional information that is printed on all food packages, including calories, and sugar, fat and vitamin content.” This includes 23% who pay “a great deal” of attention and 34% who pay a “fair amount.” About 38% of the population doesn’t pay very much attention at all to food labels.

Lately there has been some debate whether genetically modified foods should be labeled as such. 73% of Americans support labeling GMO modified foods with only 16% opposing.

51% of Americans are confident that the food they are buying is safe with 25% “very confident” and 27% “somewhat confident.” 34% are “not confident” that there food is safe and 15% are unsure.

When asked if “food from farm animals that are fed antibiotics and hormones” are safe to eat, 37% of those polled believed it was “safe” with 45% expressing the opinion that is was “not safe.” 18% were unsure.

The survey was conducted from June 26 – July 2, 2014. 1,382 respondents participated via a proprietary mobile phone APP developed by Q-XT for survey research and opinion sharing.