The Politics of Rock, Country and Pop Music

March 11, 2015

Americans love music with 89% identifying a favorite music genre.

Rock music leads the pack with 31% followed far behind by country and pop with 16% and 14% respectively.

R&B and Hip Hop music trailed those with 9% and 7%, while 5% of Americans favored both Jazz or Classical music and only 2% picked Latin.

An interesting component of this survey is to look at music preference based on political identification. Conservatives favor rock slightly more than liberals (32% vs. 27%), liberals favor pop music slightly more than conservatives (18% vs. 14%), with the largest difference in country music where 21% of conservatives favor it over only 8% of liberals. R & B (15% vs. 4%) and Hip Hop (10% vs. 4%) are also music genres that are much more favored by liberals than conservatives.