Trump Wins Election- MOBOPINIONS Correctly Calls White Block Vote

November 9, 2016
  • Trump Win highlights the need for pollsters to abandon traditional panels. ​
  • Mobopinions- Audience of over 100 million voters correctly called the White Block Vote in the election. .

Washington, D.C.: November 09 2016 – Polls from pre-convention, through all the debates leading up to Election Day highlighted the power of the White Block Vote.

All surveys were conducted on iOS and Android devices in-app within 100’s of different mobile applications, leveraging MOBOPINIONS network of respondents and proprietary technology.


MOBOPINIONS mobile survey research platform reaches over 100 million monthly respondents across the United States (1 billion globally), through thousands of apps on smartphones & tablets. The proprietary platform enables survey researchers and brands to gain opinions and insight from mobile audiences using the apps data to gather location, demographics and device specific information, including the Device Ad ID, which has been used with Facebook, Google and other digital advertiser to reach users displaying similar behavioural attributes.